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Latest Dog Rangers

Welcome to our dog rangers!

Whatever breed, big, small we love it when you sign up your four legged friends. With the help of Portbury Wharf Dog Rangers we can protect the wildlife here.

Dodger the Bone Ranger

My name is Dodger, I live just down the road from Portbury Wharf and there is nothing I like more than going for a walk around there sniffing all the new smells, taking in all the wildlife and making new friends on my walk.

I’d like to become a Dog Ranger so I can help maintain this wonderful space for everybody to enjoy. Here I am in my Ranger Outfit enjoying a nice Autumnal evening walk.

Signed up in October 2021

Mabel (really likes sticks!)

Mabel - she likes sticks!I, Mabel
I, 10 month old boxer
I love walking across the reserve everyday with my best friend Murphy.
I like sticks
I like saying hello to other dogs
I like sticks!!
I don’t chase wildlife
I like sticks!!
Me not allowed in water as it might scare and hurt animals

Signed up in October 2021


Brandie is a seven year old, King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

Hobbies include: tea shop and walks combining the two to include a nice biscuit with a bowl of milky tea after a nice (preferably short) walk.

Previously used to live in Norfolk, but emigrated to Portishead a little over two years ago with his humans who retired down here.

Signed up in September 2021


This is Murphy, he is a 10 month old German Shorthaired Pointer. He’s very well behaved and stays on the paths in the nature reserve all of the time. He’d love to be ranger of the month!

Signed up in August 2021


Age: 2 Coco is a Springador
Has walked around the nature reserve since I was 15 weeks old. I don’t chase wildlife.
I stay by my owner when I’m unsure of anyone.
So lucky to have such a beautiful place to live.

Signed up in August 2021


Age: 10
Likes: Finding sticks to carry (especially the really big, awkward ones!), playing hide & seek
Dislikes: Getting wet!

“I promise to stick to the rules and be a good boy in and around the nature area.”

Signed up in July 2021


A crazy cavapoo protects local wildlife by chasing her tail rather than swans . . . and catching Z‘s rather than wild rabbits!

Signed up in July 2021


I’m Freddie, the fox red labrador.

I love walking around the area and there’s lots of exciting smells for me. I don’t like water, so no chance of me going in any ponds.

Signed up in May 2021



Sparky is a 4 year old well behaved Greyhound.

He is always walked on the lead and is very placid.

Signed up in April 2021


This is Ian, he’s an 8 year old cavachon who loves walks, snacks and sleeping! Ian particularly enjoys his walks in Portishead!

Signed up in April 2021


Meet Dino. An 8 month old rescue from Bosnia. Just learning and exploring the nature reserve. His insta is

Signed up in April 2021


Bosley loves using the nature reserve to sniff new smells and stretch his legs.

Signed up in March 2021

***Lucky Bosley won the April 2021 prize draw!***

Nora, Bluebell and Boswell

Nora the teacup yorkie age 18 months, protector of all other animals wild or otherwise – like her other fur sibling (cats/rabbits/guineapigs/rats) she wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Bluebell & Boswell brother & sister english setter x labs age 13 superbly behaved. Bluebell and Boswell are such great dogs and promise to take the pledge!

They all promise to take and stick to the pledge. 😊

Signed up in February 2021

Rocco the Cockapoo

This is Rocco the Cockapoo, and he absolutely loves his daily walks around the Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve.

He’s a really good boy, is very social and even likes to inspect the wardens litter stick and bag when he’s on his rounds.

We think he would make a great Dog Ranger.

Signed up in February 2021

My name is Nova


I love going for adventures and one of my favourite places to go is the amazing Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve. The reserve is not just a stunning place to walk it is also a haven for wildlife. I love watching the deers but don’t worry I’m not a chaser so I can just sit and watch them whilst daddy takes loads of photos.

We often see various colourful birds of all shapes and sizes flying around, some in massive flocks.

I heard you were recruiting Dog Rangers to help promote good doggy manners whilst walking around the reserve. I would love to be part of this canine nature team to help protect the wildlife. Love Nova 🐾 #novasnature

Signed up in February 2021

Say hello to Max

This is Max and we love having the nature reserve on our doorstep. But we love the wildlife and so we take care not to disturb it.

We sign up to the pledges


Signed up in February 2021

Stella the Boston Terrier

Stella the Boston TerrierStella is a very good Boston girl who walks on lead and never barks! She’s only got little legs but yesterday managed to walk the whole nature reserve. Her delicate tired little feet were muddy as was her belly. But she never complains and always walks with purpose and a Boston smile. 😍🤪

Signed up in January 2021

Dotty the Shih Tzu

Dotty the Shih TzuDotty is a six month old Shih Tzu. She is a very good girl and enjoys walking by the salt marsh.  Dotty stays on the path, respects the wildlife and luckily she doesn’t like swimming. She would love to be dog ranger of the month. It would show that little fluffy dogs can enjoy the nature reserve as much as the big dogs!

Signed up in January 2021

Nolly the Tibetan Terrier

Nolly the Tibetan Terrier is the latest dog ranger in DecemberMy name is Nolly and I am a rather aged Tibetan Terrier. I have a short fuse for young whippersnappers who rush up to me when I am on my lead. But after walking hundreds of miles with the people I care for, I have realised that when he stops to gaze into the distance along the sea wall there is usually a nice opportunity to sit and stare too.

Signed up in December 2020

Read more from Nolly
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We often see deer out there and I know they need to be left well alone. Its OK for me, I go home and my breakfast and treats are served politely and with all due deference. So I can go off for a run and not get panicked or run out of energy. Its not the same for them or, I gather, all the birds that seem to just appear out of nowhere in the autumn. They spend their days pecking at stuff which simply doesn’t look like enough to keep body and soul together.

So, we all like looking for deer and birds, and watch them quite quietly. Some of them are quite big! I still do love getting muddy, not least because then I get a lovely warm bath when we get home. Although after that my breakfast is a tad late as the domestics have to wipe down the bathroom walls!
Anyway, Dad (I’m feeling mellow because Christmas is coming) was telling me about your Dog Ranger Club. So I thought it would be a good idea to join. I know some people won’t want to, but it sounds like a great idea to me. Will there be secret handshakes and wild parties late into the evening that are fulled with copious bowls of fresh water and gravy bones? Will there be a club howl? That sounds fun too. So, please sign me up. I have attached a photograph and hope not too many members will swipe left!
Hobbies; well I love my walks, I love naps (more and more) and I love going away in my campervan too. I love get frosty or snowy when I belly board down the sea wall in really cold weather and I love walking through the reserve.
Bailie the Springer Spaniel

My main wish is to get wet and muddy! I love all my long walks on the nature reserve where there are always fresh smells to find and sniff. My handler always wants me to keep to the pathways. While I would love to jump into the rhynes and pools the wildlife lives in these waterways. The salt marsh is such an important area for the birds. So I am not allowed to roam on the salt marsh as they must be left undisturbed. 

I would like it known, like all good dogs I am always under control (or so my handler believes), so will not chase wildlife.

Signed up in December 2020

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