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Salt Marsh

Welcome to our salt marsh hub

In a biodiversity and climate crisis salt marsh is a superhero. Salt marshes are conservation areas, crucial for wildlife. They also help to protect us against global warming as they are better than rain forests at burying carbon.

We are lucky enough to have two salt marshes, one at Battery Point and the other at Portbury Wharf. Both of our salt marshes are so important they are designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

From this page you can find links to fascinating information about our salt marshes. Though if you want all the main points in one page visit our original salt marshes page which gives a broad overview.

Salt Marsh Carbon

Salt marshes store carbon and they are very good at it!

Come and pick up a leaflet on Salt Marsh Day, 14th August. It is printed on A3 recycled paper and folds down to a handy pocket size.

Salt Marsh Leaflet front Salt Marsh Leaflet map


We would like to say thank you to Portishead Town Council who awarded us a grant to fund Portishead Salt Marshes Day.

The printing costs of these panels and the leaflet came out of that fund.

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