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Salt Marsh Videos

Our salt marsh videos

When we create salt marsh videos for Instagram and YouTube we all put them all here so you can take a quick peak. We will also add the links to relevant pages where there is more information on another page.

Quick look 60 second salt marsh videos

The rock below the saltmarsh

As a little taster here is a 60 second video about the Mudrock deep, deep beneath the marsh. We think you will find it fascinating! See more about the geology at Salt Marsh Geology.


Relax to the gently lapping waves

If you have had a busy day and want to relax this one is for you. Just the gentle lapping of waves . . .

Plants create salt marshes

Do you know why the plants that grow here are special? If you love plants then our Salt Marsh Plants page is the place for you.

Spartina – I am not just any grass!

Spartina is one of the plants that create salt marshes. Again the Salt Marsh Plants page is the place for you if you want to find our more about the plants here.

The Amazing Power of Salt Marshes

This is a great YouTube clip made by Scott Gudrich. Thank you Scott. Go to Salt Marsh Carbon to read more about how salt marshes are helping to protect our climate.

Salt Marshes help to protect the climate

We all know trees help the climate by removing carbon from the environment. But did you know that salt marshes do the same thing but are even better at it?

We plan to create more salt marsh videos . . . or if we see any public videos to share we will add them to this page.