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Dragonfly survey 2019

This report comes from the expert team of Portbury Wharf dragonfly surveyors . . .

Last year was a better year than we dared hope! We confirmed sixteen species of dragonfly and damselfly at Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve (PWNR). This high number of species was exciting enough (yes, we really do get excited). Though even more special was the presence of uncommon species such as Scarce Chaser, Hairy dragonfly and Small Red-eyed damselfly.

So we eagerly anticipated the start of the 2019 dragonfly season, but did have one concern. We  had a long, hot, dry summer last year. So a significant proportion of the reserve’s ponds and pools dried out. This adversely affected prime dragonfly and dragonfly larva habitat. So  would 2019 turn out to be an anti-climax compared with 2018?

You can read the full report at 2019 PWNR Dragonfly and Damselfly Report but here is an excerpt from the conclusion:

“Considering that the number of species recorded this year reached twenty, it is difficult to say that 2019 hasn’t been anything other than a great dragonfly / damselfly season. It might possibly turn out to be an exceptional year.”