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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Friends of Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve (FoPWNR) aims to comply with the requirements of GDPR:

  • We only collect personal information from our supporters necessary for us to maintain the level of communication you have indicated that you wish to receive from us.
  • That data is only stored on a commercially secure data base maintained by a specialist outside source that also complies fully with GDPR requirements.
  • That data is only accessible to duly authorised FoPWNR volunteers.
  • We will never share your information with any third party.
  • We derive no income from advertising and will never will. We will not send you any communications on behalf of any third party.
  • We will always send authorised bulk emails (such as newsletters) “blind” so that your details remain yours, and yours alone.
  • Our Website will be managed within the requirements of GDPR; we will not share or disseminate your personal information without your written permission.
  • Our Social Media platforms operate within the restrictions of the platforms and the security of your data and your access to those platforms remains your own responsibility.
  • We will manage changes to our processes in keeping with the requirements of GDPR.
  • Any members, organisers and volunteers of FoPWNR who are granted access to our mail servers and media platforms will be required to observe these requirements. Access to these data bases will be restricted and contained.

Compliance Statement – January 2018

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