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Wetlands Trail

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Portishead Wetlands Trail

Later this year we will be installing a wetlands trail on Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve

About the trail

There will be 12 permanent Wetland Trail posts installed by the 11 key habitats around Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve and 1 post (No. 9) on the Ecology Park. They will tell you about each of the habitats and show you the creatures which you might see there.

The 12 habitat panels in Portishead Wetlands Trail


Wildlife is not always easy to see as it tends to hide itself away, especially as we get close. So the aim of the Portishead Wetlands Trail is to show you what creatures to look out for and where.

While some of our wildlife is resident all year, many species just visit us in summer or winter. So there will be two trails.

  • Summer Wetlands Trail (displayed from April to September)
  • Winter Wetlands Trail (displayed October to March)

Each panel in the trail is designed with interchangeable squares. Every month or so a new square will be added highlighting fascinating facts about the wildlife currently on the reserve.

Wilbur the Water Vole
It is hard to see our endangered water voles, you might hear a plop as one dives underwater but like most wildlife they usually stay hidden . . . but you might see a Wilbur? Wilbur is a metal water vole cut out and there will be 12 Wilburs to find on the trail as you walk between the posts.

PS Click here to find out about our real-life water voles.

Portbury Wharf Reserve Bug House

Side view of the Bug HouseFront view of the Bug House

Over 75% of all animals on the planet are insects. They are hugely important for pollinating plants and as part of the food chain.



We have included a Bug House as part of the nature trail. We hope this will increase both the summer nesting and winter hibernating opportunities for invertebrates on the reserve. Soon there will be an Insect Patch display panel, situated on the path just in front of the Bug House, with all sorts of fascinating information about insects.

Digital map and quiz

While you don’t need any technology to enjoy the trail, for those who wish to, a digital map and quiz will be available here.

NB These links are not working yet !!!


Unable to visit the reserve?

Once the wetlands trail is installed we will display the panels on-line too so you can follow the trail even if you are unable to visit the reserve.

So please come back here later.

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With thanks . . . 

This Wetlands Trail is created by the Friends of Portbury Wharf and funded by National Grid’s Community Fund. It is undertaken with the kind permission and support of North Somerset Council who own Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve.

So thank you to both National Grid and North Somerset Council for supporting the Friends with this project.

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This page is still in progress. Photos and links will be added when the wetlands trail is installed.