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Severn Estuary

severn estuary

One of the most important estuaries in the UK

The Severn estuary has the second highest tidal rise and fall in the world. Five major rivers flow into this estuary and sundry smaller rivers.  The major rivers are the Severn (UK’s longest river at 220 miles), Wye, Usk, Parrett and Avon.

The Severn estuary is internationally recognised for its coastal, intertidal and subtidal habitats.  It includes the largest aggregation of salt marsh habitat in the south and southwest of the UK. But these habitats are under threat and so are the species which rely on them for food and shelter. 

Of particular importance are the thousands of shoreline birds which come here in winter, over 70,000 of them. It is also a major migratory route for fish such as salmon, sea trout and eels.

It is one of the most designated estuaries because of the significance of its wetland habitats and wildlife.

So its designations include all of the following:


severn estuary

So it is a special place! That is why multiple organisations are working hard to protect it. Take a look at the Severn Estuary Vision and the Severn Estuary Partnership.

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