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Halloween at Portbury Wharf

Discover some fascinating facts about our wicked wildlife . . .

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 What are baby spiders called?
  • Spiderites
  • Spiggles
  • Spiderlings  
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Baby spiders, known as spiderlings, hatch from their eggs and disperse by drifting (ballooning) through the air on gossamer threads. They get airborne by climbing to high points on bushes and fences. They can be swept long distances by the wind on these threads of silk.  

 Are there more or less than 500 species of spider in the UK? 
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There are more . . . Britain has over 650 species of spiders!
Spider information

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 How many species of bats are at Portbury Wharf? 
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An amazing 10 species have been recorded on Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve. There are only 18 species of bat in Britain so you can see why this reserve is a very important place for bats.
 Which is the species you are most likely to see at Portbury Wharf? 
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Common Pipistrelle. Did you know a single pipistrelle can eat 3,000 tiny insects in just one night!

About bats

Poisonous Plants

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Poisonous Plants


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