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Winter Trail

Winter can be a good time to go out for a walk and see what nature is up to.

So here is a Winter Trail that you can try out at Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve. So wrap up warm and take a walk along the surfaced paths to see which of these seasonal sights you can spot. Some will be easier to find than others. The ones that fly or run will be the hardest to see but you never know your luck!

 Brain teaser – Do all holly trees have berries? 
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No, only female holly trees have berries. Male and female holly trees look the same and both flower in May. But the male flowers have 4 yellow stamens while the female flowers have a green ovary in the centre. If there isn’t a male tree near enough to fertilise the female flowers there will be no berries.

You can download the winter trail as a one page picture trail or as 6 separate pages with more about each species and a tick column. If you do not find everything on the first outing you can keep trying throughout the winter.

Winter Trail – picture version

Pictures of what to look out for in winter

Winter Trail 6 page leaflet:Winter trail page 1 Winter trail page 2 Winter trail page 3 Winter trail page 4 Winter trail page 5 Winter trail page 6

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