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Salt Marshes Day

Portishead Salt Marshes Day is on Saturday August 14th. It is a celebration of our salt marshes. We have two salt marshes locally, one by the Lake Grounds at Battery Point and the other at Portbury Wharf. They… Read More

Call for Salt Marsh Art

If you love wild places and care about the natural world, we need your help with our Call for Salt Marsh Art. As part of Portishead Salt Marsh Day, August 14th, we want a pictorial display. So we… Read More

Whimbrels passing through

Just when you’ve worked out how to recognise curlew, along comes a whimbrel! If birds aren’t your thing you might wonder why you should care? But the whimbrel demonstrate the importance of our piece of coastline. It is… Read More

World Wetlands Day 2 February 2020

Celebrate World Wetlands Day Go out and enjoy our precious wetlands and wonderful wildlife on World Wetlands Day! Watch out for the winter wildfowl as they won’t be here for much longer. Soon the migration will start and… Read More

Murmuring starlings or whispering dunlins?

It was twilight. The stars had faded away but it was not yet sunrise when hundreds of pairs of wings purred past my shoulder. What were they? Where had they come from and where were they going? I… Read More