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Call for Salt Marsh Art

Call for Salt Marsh Art

If you love wild places and care about the natural world, we need your help with our Call for Salt Marsh Art.

As part of Portishead Salt Marsh Day, August 14th, we want a pictorial display. So we would like your sketches, paintings, prints, collages, poems, textile, embroidery etc on the theme of Salt Marshes.

We need a big show of beautiful thoughts and images to show that Salt Marshes matter and we care about them. Not only do they protect and support wildlife, they are great carbon stores, they absorb the impact of waves and are unique environments for endangered species.

The display will be mounted on trellis, acting as a grid. So the items must be backed by card so that we can stick them to the grid using velcro strips.

We will show as many pieces as we can, at least one from each entrant, most probably more.

If you need some inspiration have a look at some of the photos on Portishead Salt Marshes gallery. We would love your depiction of the landscape and or the wildlife that lives there.

How to take part in the call for salt marsh art

  1. Create your salt marsh inspired image in one of the sizes given below.  They need to be 15×15 cms in size or multiples of that, 15×30, 30×30,  15×45,  30×45, 45×45 cms are all acceptable, but no larger than 45 cms.Please keep to the stated sizes, then we can fit them into the grid.
  2. Please put your name and contact details on the back.
    We won’t be selling on the day. This is open to anyone of any ability so many people will be doing this for fun and not want to sell their work of art. However for those who do, we will be promoting your work and sending potential customers your way. So please include a social media or website address if your work is for sale.
  3. Email to arrange submitting and after the day, collection of your work.

It’s as simple as that, so why not have a go just for fun!

Find out more about Portishead Salt Marshes Day

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