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Hinkley Connection Update June 2021

This update relates to the footpath closure on Wharf Lane for 6 weeks between 7 June 2021 and 16 July 2021.

Access to the North Pool hides remains open from the old sea wall along the salt marsh. Please keep to the path and do not walk on the salt marsh as this is a very special habitat. Unfortunately the South Pool hide is out of use during this work. All other paths around the site and Ecology Park remain open and Wharf Lane car park is unaffected.

The work has been coordinated to ensure that the footpaths are reopened ahead of the school holidays.

Exert from the National Grid Hinkley Connection Project notice posted up around the reserve:

Part of this work involves installing cable ducts to lay new underground electricity cables to the east of Portishead substation and into Bristol Port Company land. When this work is complete, we will remove four WPD pylons from this area, and build a new pylon in the port, to join the new underground cables to the overhead lines.

To keep everyone safe during the cable ducting work, we need to close the footpath on Wharf Lane, and sections of Water Vole Lane and Marina Walk.

If you have any questions about the works please contact:

Community Relations Team
National Grid Hinkley Connection Project
T: 0800 377 7347
Hinkley Connection Update June 2021

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