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Nature Trail – What do I eat?

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This Nature Trail – What do I eat? is on Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve from Saturday 24th August to Sunday 1st September.  Find the 35 trail boards dotted around the reserve.  Answers the questions then lift the flaps to reveal the answers to see if you are right.

Don’t miss our next nature trail!

Each trail board features a different species, from birds to mammals and insects to plants. These are species that you might see on the nature reserve. So see if you can identify them and guess what they eat or what eats them?  The trail is on for 9 days so, if you don’t find them all in one visit, you can come back another day to find the rest.

You do not need a map to find the boards, you can just have a wander and enjoy the ones you come across. However if you want to know in advance, here is a map showing the approximate, anticipated locations:

We hope you enjoy the trail
and learn something interesting about the wildlife here.


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