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Hinkley Connection Update February 2020

This update relates to closures and restrictions at Sheepway.

This is a briefing we have received from the Community Relations Team of the National Grid Hinkley Connection Project. We are posting these briefings so you are kept up to date with the work being done on Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve.

Hinkley Connection Project notice

To update you on where we are with construction of the underground cables between the west end of Nailsea and Portishead substation. We are currently working on Engine Lane and Hanham Way towards Watery Lane in the west end of Nailsea to build temporary entrances to our construction areas. We will be starting work on Clevedon Road in Tickenham and on Sheepway to construct the temporary entrances from 27 February.

As part of the work on Sheepway, we need to:

  • Restrict access to Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve from the Sheepway entrance until mid-March 2020.
  • Close a section of Sheepway until mid-March 2020.
  • Suspend the car parking area on Sheepway until 2025 when all work in this area will be complete.

The temporary restricted accesses from Sheepway is to keep the public and our workers safe while we build temporary entrances and access roads to our construction areas.

We understand the nature reserve is well used and we’re working with our contractors, J. Murphy & Sons Limited, to limit disruption as best we can. We’re also working with North Somerset Council to maintain as much access to the area as possible – with our priority being the safety of all users.

What this means for access from Sheepway:

  • Pedestrians and cyclists: Open throughout the work. Cyclists will need to dismount for safety reasons.
  • Horses: Closed to horses until mid- March 2020.

All other entrances to the reserve will remain open and the car parking area on Wharf Lane is unaffected during the construction of the underground cables. We will be placing public information boards at key locations within the reserve – these will be updated to keep everyone informed and up to date on our construction activity.

Community Relations Team,
National Grid Hinkley Connection Project

You can read more on this website at Hinkley Connection at PWNR and the FAQ page.

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